Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Digi and mixed media paint

Got two paintings today (well, not today, but uploaded today!)
Experimentation on concept design for the first one and a bit of a political statement for the second. I'll just dive straight in.

This first design was going to be part of a two page steam-punk related comic I was intending to design, however I sorely just don't have the time for a full on project. The concept, as stated, was for steam-punk. It was based on mechanical bodies with only a projected face - with inspiration from Ashley Wood. This is as far as I on the painting side (thing took like ten hours, I barely get that off work in a week :P). 
One of the first digi paints that I'd done, I'm much more of a poster/photo manipulation guy, so I don't think it turned out all that bad. 
Love to continue the series, even if not in a comic format but just as a collection of similar concepts. That'll come in time I guess. 

The second is a statement on drinking in England. Well, I state England, but this occurs near enough everywhere in the world historically. 
It was a design done at Uni for an advertisement brief using only printing materials whilst trying to remain abstract. Seriously bad project considering it's incredibly hard to put across any version of shock advertisement considering that you can't really advertise an abstract image! I went for a Bauhaus layout with a spray painted stencil and gouache print solely for a more urban feel. 
It came out all right I suppose, it was meant to imitate a poster of a man vomiting the England flag and making the headlines; a common occurrence. 

Anyway, that's that! Two more to go!