Monday, 28 October 2013

Got two new T-shirt designs

So I'm back with two more tee designs! One's aimed at the Minecraft fanboys (albeit, speaking about myself at one point) with an extremely cheesy pun. The second is basically a rip of River Island's style of tee. 

The Minecraft one was a pain, it truely showed how rusty I am with Illustrator all over again. Even with it was literally a case of holding shift and just clicking about.. 
Font is from go look it up!

This one's a bit bland with a lot of overlay exaggerations, but hey, it was inspired by River Island after all.
I'd have more to say but I'm literally going to be late for work. 
More coming soon.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Been a while since I've lasted posted so doing a quick update.
There's a few more to come but I think I'll post them when I've finalised them.

Got two designs here, one is just a re-image (that's not even a word) of the previous Bauhaus design posted to mash up modernistic and fourties. 
The second is just a quick design using the pen and brush (minus the stock) where I went a bit overboard on the overlays. It's very red.

There'll be a few more soon!