Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Booyah, on to Photo Manipulations

Finally getting there now. These are the last two updates and then I'll have to design to keep the blog up and running, which was the whole purpose of this. 

Got another two designs that I loved making. 
The first was part of a twenty-minute poster design challenge. Quite literally you have twenty minutes to create a poster. 
The second was another steam-punk design but based on photo manipulations

This is the twenty minute poster. I was basically just trying to string a few images together to represent how North Korea's politics are currently (well, I say currently, but they've always been horny for violence, propaganda and slavery) in order to create a propaganda poster that, in all honesty, I would be surprised if they used. 
The Korean writing is also a quote from 1984 which was perfect for the scenario of the poster. If you can't guess already, the quote is:

This is the steam-punk inpsired poster. As the genre is mostly concept design illustrations, I wanted to take more of a real life approach. I tried to be as subtle as possible as well, meaning that you'd have to give it a second glance in order to see what manipulations I'd actually done to create the poster. I really enjoy the design used for it and consider it as some of my better work.

That's it for now folks, I'll be back soon once I finish up a couple more!