Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Back again! For the.. fifth time?

The default font for this is Times New Roman? Really? That's just awful..
Anyway, hi there, welcome to some pretty average designs! 

This blog is basically just a showcase of (some of) my work throughout a few years. I'm going to start out from some awful designs when I was in college to now, which I guess is post-threequatersofayearofuniversity?

This basically extends from basic design focused on to a brief to some more recent business POS, aswell as basic trolling around on Photoshop. 
The main inspiration is, well, mainly to get me working again. In order to design you have to have a client, right? 

Anyway, cheers for reading, I'll start with some cheesy college work. Christ..


PS. Hi, my name's Grant, and everyone needs a good, hammered photo.