Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Orwell's 1984 book cover

Update #2 of the day actually came around! Got insanely bored so here we go.
Saw that my portfolio was severrely lacking a book cover and literally every graphic designer has a book cover in their portfolio so I'm joining the crowd. Huzzah. 
I only did the front cover as I didn't want to invest -too much- time into it when I've still got a boat load of work to do.

I've uploaded two variations, one with a drop shadow, one without. I like them both (especially how irregular the drop shadow affects the tree. Too much copy and pasting!) but prefer it without the drop shadow. The concept was to, following the outline of the book, illustrate how an organism could essentially brainwash the world. And I certainly couldn't just draw a bunch of ants.. So you have a tree! 

Anyway, I need a break now!